Tourism: Plaza Baquedano

Tourism: Plaza Baquedano

Nearest Turistik bus stop: Stop 4: Patio Bellavista

This square, built in 1875, had several names, including La Serena Square, Colón Square, Italia Square and, in 1927, after the installation of the monument to General Manuel Baquedano, it was finally named Baquedano Square.

Right in the middle of the square, where the monument stands, is the tomb of the unknown soldier of the homeland, a soldier found dead and unidentified in the Pacific War.

It is the nucleus of large demonstrations, civic meetings and sports celebrations. Here begins the heart of one of the streets with more nightlife of the capital, Bellavista.

You will be very close if you get off at stop 3 Hop On Hop Off.

Baquedano Square

Av. Providencia 312, Providencia, Metropolitan Region, Chile.


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