Bellas Artes Neighborhood

Bellas Artes Neighborhood

Nearest Turistik bus stop: Bus Stop 6: Plaza de Armas

In 1900 it was when Barrio Bellas Artes began to consolidate itself as a corner of the Chilean capital, with its own characteristics, whose urban development was strengthened with the construction of buildings of European trend.

The proximity to the center of the city and its wooded surroundings made this neighborhood an attractive area for the residence and workshops of painters, writers, artists and architects. This one has between its streets and surroundings, diverse possibilities of activities to develop so much outdoors, as in its rooms of theater, bars, etc.

It is possible to go to the Forest Park, where every weekend you can see families and groups of friends practicing sports, enjoying an outdoor show or simply meeting to share a good time. In the middle of this park is the Museum of Fine Arts and Museum of Contemporary Art, which can be visited from Tuesday to Sunday and appreciate the different exhibitions that take place there.

Get off at our stop 5 Hop On Hop Off and enjoy this bohemian area of ​​the capital.



Bellas Artes Neighborhood

Bellas Artes, Santiago, Chile.


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