Bellavista Neighborhood

Bellavista Neighborhood

Nearest Turistik bus stop: Stop 4: Patio Bellavista

At the time of the Spanish Conquest, this sector was known as the “Chimba”, which in Quechua means “from the other shore”.

At the end of the 18th century, under the administration of O’Higgins, most of the original farms became pleasant suburban fifths with rest houses of the growing creole aristocracy.

From the 1980s, Bellavista acquired a more bohemian and gastronomic appearance, without losing its artistic stamp that has made it a great meeting point for Chileans and foreigners until today.

It is a sector of the city, located between the north bank of the Mapocho river and the San Cristóbal hill, divided between the communes of Providencia to the east and Recoleta to the west and separated by the Pío Nono street that serves as the backbone to the neighborhood. This is the heart of urban life in the capital of Chile.

If you get off at our stop 3 Hop On Hop Off, you can enjoy this area.

Bellavista Neighborhood

Bellavista, Recoleta, Chile.


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