National Historical Museum in Santiago

National Historical Museum in Santiago

Nearest Turistik bus stop: Bus Stop 6: Plaza de Armas

It is one of the most important spaces in the history of Chile since the first Government Meeting was held there in 1810 and it was also the place of the Real Audiencia, the highest court of justice of the Spanish colonial organization in the Chilean territory. Today, its walls and halls house material testimonies of the history of Chile, from the first indigenous settlements to the present day.

To access a guided tour you must visit:

Tuesday to Friday: 10:00 – 11:00 and 12:00 hrs.

If you stay at our stop 5 Hop On Hop Off, you arrive at this place in less than 5 minutes.

National History Museum

Plaza de Armas 951, Santiago, Chile. Contact: @mhnchile on Twitter.


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