Tourism: Parque Forestal

Tourism: Parque Forestal

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The Parque Forestal is one of the main green lungs of Santiago. In this place an interesting cultural life is developed, since in its surroundings there is the National Museum of Fine Arts, the Mapocho Station Cultural Center and important heritage neighborhoods such as Lastarria, Bellavista and Bellas Artes.

In its colonial origins this area was used as an animal ranch or space for military practices. This was built in the late nineteenth century, with the aim of creating a wooded park, to later become a green lung for Santiago de Chile.

Its design was made by the French landscape architect Georges Dubois, who gave life to a wooded park, taking advantage of the proximity of the river. During the works, ceibos, araucarias, elms, chestnuts, cypresses and Chilean palms were planted, among other species.

This park has more than 6,400 trees, among which stands out the column of oriental plane trees that goes from Italia Square to the Museum of Fine Arts.

Weekends are the ideal place to visit and enjoy different outdoor activities, with family or friends, is an area that will allow you to have a rich evening.

Get off at our stop 8 Hop On Hop Off and get straight through the popular and popular Barrio Lastarria.

Parque Forestal

South slope of the Mapocho River, between Italia Square and the Estación Mapocho Cultural Center.


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