¿Cuál de sus tour incluye almuerzo?
Nos agrada informar que nuestro tour Embalse El Yeso + Cajón del Maipo incluye almuerzo buffet en su precio. Puedes consultar sobre esta experiencia por cualquiera de nuestros medios de contacto: chat online de nuestra página web, enviar un correo electrónico a o escribir al WhatsApp. También puedes llamar al (+56) 2 2820 1000 o si prefieres, puedes consultar en cualquiera de los Infocenter Turistik.
What is the value of the dishes in the restaurants where we stop?
The price / quality ratio that you will find in the experiences will be according to the market. The values ​​range from $ 12,000 to $ 16,000 plus tips (approximately 10%).
Do your tours include meals?
Much of our tours do not include lunch in the price. However, we understand how important gastronomy is in your experience. That is why we make stops in certain restaurants to offer you gastronomic alternatives. Keep in mind that all our suggestions contemplate varieties of dishes of choice for adults and children.


Where can I evaluate them and give my comments or suggestions?
We love knowing how you spent it and if you liked the Turistik Experience. You can evaluate us in the feedback category of our website, or if you prefer, write us on our TripAdvisor profile: "Turistik". You can also share your photos through Instagram or Facebook: @turistikchile
What kind of information should I offer for my experience?
We know the importance of being communicated, therefore, when buying a tour with us, make sure you have indicated your WhatsApp and e-mail. Keep in mind that eventual changes in weather conditions or unforeseen events could affect the time of departure of the tours.
What are your means of contact?
We have several means for you to contact us. You can make your queries in the online chat of our website between 7:00 and 22:00 hours. You can also send us an email to, or write us via WhatsApp. And if you prefer to talk to us directly, call us from Chile at (+56) 2 2820 1000 and from Brazil at (+55) 1 1319 76591. But if social networks are definitely yours, you can contact us through our Facebook accounts , Instagram or Twitter as @turistikchile.
Do you have bilingual guides?
Yes, our friendly staff has bilingual guides who handle English or Portuguese, as well as Spanish.


Will I get my money back if I can not attend the tour?
In case you can not attend the reserved tour, Turistik offers an option to reprogram your experience once. To change your tour date we offer several options: you can contact our contact center through the online chat on our website, send an email to, write to WhatsApp, or if you prefer, call (+56) 22 820 1000. By this means your reservation will be reprogrammed immediately.

The Hop On / Hop Off Experience of SantiagoThe Hop On / Hop Off Experience of Santiago

Can I buy the Hop On / Hop Off ticket on the bus?
No. The Hop On / Hop Off ticket can only be purchased through our website, email, via WhatsApp, by calling (+56) 22 820 1000 and from Brazil at (+55) 11 3197 6591, or in any of our Turistik Infocenters.
How often can I get back on the bus?
Once you have visited your place of interest in the city, you can go to the nearest stop and take one of the following buses that pass approximately every 30 minutes.
Where are the stops?
The Hop On / Hop Off tour stops are located in the most important and popular points of Santiago de Chile. Once you acquire the tour, to improve your experience, you will receive a kit that includes earphones, a bracelet to board the bus, and a city drop-down map with the exact points of the 13 stops.
What is the Santiago Hop On / Hop Off tour?
The Santiago Hop On / Hop Off tour allows you to get to know the whole city on board our 2-story buses (panoramic bus), with which you can freely get on and off along the route, between 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM and through 13 stops.


What is the opening hours for the Infocenters Turistik?
Each infocenter has a particular schedule that you can see here. However, for any information you require, our contact center is available to you every day from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm, you can contact us through the online chat of our website, email , or via WhatsApp. You can also call us at (+56) 22 820 1000 and from Brazil at (+55) 11 3197 6591.
Where are the Infocenters located?
The Infocenters Turistik are located in the airport, hotels, mall and main tourist places of the city. To see the complete list of infocenters, click here. You can also check the location of our infocenters through our contact center: via WhatsApp or online chat on our website.
What are the Turistik Infocenters?
We are advisors of the city, so in our Infocenters we offer assistance for our travelers regarding tours, reservations and general information that will undoubtedly help you make your trip to Santiago a wonderful memory.

Our serviceOur service

Do you have tours for travelers with reduced mobility?
Our travelers with reduced mobility can enjoy our experiences, but we ask you to have a companion during the tour. For a better experience, you must communicate through any of our means of contact about the particular case.
Do they have private tours?
Yes, we offer experiences with transportation, guides and private service. You should only book the tours through our contact means: online chat on our website, email or via WhatsApp. You can also call (+56) 22 8201 000 and from Brazil at (+55) 11 3197 6591, or go to any of our Turistik Infocenters.
How can I book the Turistik tours?
You have many ways to book with us. Through our website you can make the purchase of any of our tours. If you need help, you will have advice from our online chat that is active every day from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm. Another option is to buy tours in person at any of our Turistik Infocenters, located at various points in the city. One of them can be found in the Duty Free of the Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport.
What types of tours do you offer?
In Turistik we offer skiing experiences, tours in the Cordillera de los Andes, visits to Valparaíso, Viña del Mar and its surroundings, as well as tours of the city of Santiago and the best vineyards in the region. We also adjust to your itinerary through private tours in order to grant memorable experiences.

Reservations, payments and promotionsReservations, payments and promotions

If I book a tour in advance, do I have some kind of discount?
You can only get discounts when buying more than one tour or combos by any of our means.
If I buy more than one tour, do I get any benefit?
Of course. If you buy more than one tour you can get a special discount that is adjusted by combos ranging from 10%, 15% and up to 20% discount. To know and reserve the combos you can contact our contact center through the online chat on our website, send an email to or write to WhatsApp. You can also call (+56) 22 820 1000 and from Brazil at (+55) 11 3197 6591 or if you prefer, you can check in any of the Infocenter Turistik.
Do older adults pay the same?
Yes, seniors must pay the normal price of our tours.
Do minors pay?
Children under 2 years old do not pay. Children between 2 and 12 years old pay a special price, and from the age of 12 you must pay the normal price of the tour.
Do you have special rates for groups?
Yes, for special rates for groups you can contact our corporate sales department via email
How can I pay for Turistik tours?
On our website you can book and pay for any of our tours with credit card, PayPal or Webpay. If you decide to pay in person at one of our infocenters, we accept cash in Chilean pesos, credit card, international debit card, and if you are a Chilean resident you can use your national debit card.


Do they have insurance in case of accidents?
In Turistik we have a transport insurance against traffic risk, and although our buses are very comfortable and modern, we also have expert professional drivers who ensure an optimal transfer, which gives us an advantage over other informal tour operators in Santiago.
Are they responsible for lost objects?
Santiago is a fairly safe capital and we guarantee safety within our buses. But as in any big city, we recommend you to take certain precautions, and although we do not take responsibility for lost objects, our guides will provide you with all the necessary information so that you can keep your belongings with you and safe.


If I can not be at the agreed time of the tour, what should I do?
If you can not be at the agreed time to start the tour, contact our contact center immediately and inform us of any changes to coordinate (according to your preference) the best option for you.
Where does the tour start from?
Our starting point for the tours is located in the parking lot of Mall Parque Arauco. If you requested the pick-up service at your place of lodging, at the time of pick-up we ask you to be at the scheduled time at the hotel's door or lobby, or at the indicated meeting point. Help us offer a better service. experience for all and be punctual!
To carry out the tours, can you pick me up at my place of lodging?
Yes. We have the pick-up service for your place of lodging for all our tours, except for the Santiago Hop On / Hop Off experience. If your place of lodging does not appear in the list of our website, you must contact our contact center team through the online chat on our website, write to WhatsApp or call (56) 2 2820 1000 to indicate your site. collection.

Uniforms and EquipmentUniforms and Equipment

What kind of clothes should I use for snow tours?
For snow tours, please wrap up and consider wearing a waterproof outer layer: shoes or boots, pants and jacket. If you do not have snow clothes when you start our tour, we will go to the store that has Turistik benefits. There you will find a promotional kit of snow clothes for only $ 25,000 that includes: jacket, pants, boots, glasses and gloves. Any other item leased individually will be charged a 10% discount. It is important to know that for the rental of snow clothes and ski equipment it is necessary that you have a credit card to pay the guarantee required by all stores.
What kind of clothes should I use for the tours on the coast?
For tours on the coast, keep in mind that during the mornings the weather is usually colder and only after 12:00 hours the weather could be cleared. Prefer versatile clothes that allow you to move without difficulty.
What kind of clothes should I use for mountain tours?
We want you to be comfortable so you can enjoy the whole Turistik Experience. Prefer to wear sports shoes, always wear sunglasses and sunscreen. For mountain tours, the key is to dress with several layers because there may be significant changes in temperature, even in summer.